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Meet patients with CML who don't fit the mold.

Some people don’t fit the mold of the typical patient with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). In the following videos, you’ll hear real stories from real people who have been dealing with CML for years.

A CML diagnosis at a young age

In 2009, Nicole had just turned 20, had a new baby, and received the shock of her life: A CML diagnosis. She’s currently on her third tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI), having switched medications due to side effects. Nicole has learned firsthand about the importance of taking her medication as prescribed and being her own advocate.

Former oncology nurse shares her CML story

Gail offers a unique perspective as both a patient with CML and a health care professional. A retired oncology nurse, Gail discusses the challenges of being diagnosed when her 2 children were young, and she was the sole breadwinner. Gail is currently on her fourth CML medication and talks about the importance of working with a CML specialist.

The life-changing impact of CML

Don found out he had CML after a visit to the emergency room. Since his diagnosis, his medication has been switched multiple times. Don discusses the impact of CML on his life, finding doctors he can talk to openly, and the support he receives from his family and others with CML.

Fighting CML together

Nancy learned she had CML after going for blood work prior to unrelated surgery. The diagnosis came as a complete shock to Nancy and her husband Mark. Now on her third medication for CML, Nancy talks about her experience and how helpful it’s been to have Mark at every step of her journey with CML.

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